A guide to the world of coffee flavors

Get to know the most popular coffee flavors and taste like a professional barista

Just as with wine, in the world of coffee, flavor notes play an important role, which add extra meaning, history and experience to our favorite drink when tasting it. Join us in the world of flavors and get to know a higher level of coffee drinking experience!
In order to understand exactly what flavor notes are, it is first of all worth clarifying the difference between taste and flavor notes. The flavor note refers to aromas that appear when coffee is made, reminiscent of a scent, for example, the citrusy nature of mandarins. However, this does not mean that our coffee will actually have a tangerine taste, it will only have a character that can open up completely new dimensions for us not only in tasting, but also in discovering new favorites.
Similar to colors, the flavors form a circle called a circle of flavors, where they are thematically arranged in groups next to each other. Different, unique flavors are further organized within the groups. Floral notes include, for example, the following: chamomile, rose, jasmine. These groups and the individual notes in the given groups are what are adjusted to each other when creating a coffee for a harmonious end result. It is important to mention that, in addition to harmony, in many cases the different notes complement or strengthen each other, just like in the case of a perfume.

Briefly about the best-known flavors


The cocoa flavor is reminiscent of the bitterness of cocoa beans, which appears most often in dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. It is important to know that we feel the bitter taste at the very back of our tongue, so this is the last thing we experience when tasting.

If you like to enjoy a glass of frothy cocoa without sweetening, then you will definitely like our most "New York" flavors, SOHO BREAKFAST , NEW YORK CITY and our classic ESPRESSO original blend.


Within the fruity flavors, we distinguish 4 different groups. You can most often feel berries in a fruity coffee (for example: blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), and dried fruits such as raisins or plums.

There is nothing better than a little refreshing fruitiness - even with coffee! If you are looking for this experience, LITTLE ITALY and COLOMBIA are guaranteed to be a refreshing novelty for you.


It is a smaller group of fruity flavors, including grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime flavors, so we can definitely talk about a more acidic flavor, which is mainly caused by the soil and the processing methods.
If you like citrus notes, you should look for Ethiopian coffees, for example, the famous lime notes of the Guji growing region.

In our offer you can find coffees with citrus flavors from several different growing regions. It is worth experimenting to see which one really appeals to you among our KENYA , ETHIOPIA , BROOKLYN HIPSTERS and BROADWAY coffees.


The sour taste is one of the basic flavors that we perceive with the help of the taste buds located on our tongue, especially on the side of the tongue. Acidity gives our coffee a distinct, lively taste, but at the same time, it probably sounds very strange that flavors such as acetic acid, butyric acid, but also various alcoholic flavors, such as wine and whiskey, belong to this category.

If you like to experiment with special flavors, we recommend our EL SALVADOR coffee because of its rum flavor, and our GUATEMALA coffee has a subtle hint of sourness from cherry liqueur, offset by honey.


The peculiarity of the roasted flavor is that it reminds most of us of the smell of bread, bread crust, toast or cereal, but it also includes various smoky flavors and tobacco (not lit tobacco).

Start your day with our ESPRESSO coffee, which is a real eternal classic, with the crispy, slightly smoky experience of rusks.


Most people do not associate spiciness with coffee, but at the same time, it includes popular flavors such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, anise and pepper. The spiciness is most often characteristic of coffee beans from Guatemala, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

If you want a soul-warming coffee, then the answer is SOHO BREAKFAST , which warms you with spicy cocoa notes .


Probably the most popular flavors are the sweet ones. In addition to vanilla, brown sugar, molasses and maple syrup, it also includes caramel and honey. If you want a coffee with sweet notes, you should choose from the Central American region, where both the soil and the climate favor the development of sweet notes.

A sweet temptation that is hard to resist - the vanilla and honey-like flavors of our NEW YORK CITY , COLOMBIA and BRAZIL coffees will surely set you up for fun.


For us, the floral notes are mainly associated with fresh flowers, all of us have a sweet, light, slightly fragrant aroma. You can find among them the scents of wild flowers, but also the scents of popular and well-loved flowers such as rose, jasmine or hibiscus.

Evoke the experiences of spring with our KENYA coffee, where, in addition to the fresh jasmine flavor, the woody character of cedar fits well.

We hope that this little guide has inspired you to try new coffee specialties from our range, and feel free to experiment with what flavors mean what kind of experience to you.

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