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Office coffee service

Herz Office Coffee Service (HOCS)
Office coffee service for workplaces

Our HOCS service offers our business partners a complete coffee supply solution, the aim of which is to provide office workers with a comfortable and high-quality coffee drinking experience at the workplace.

  1. Provision of premium super automatic coffee machines or Nespresso® compatible capsule machines

  2. We offer a wide range of premium 100% Arabica Espresso blends and 100% Arabica Specialty plantation coffees from around the world - Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya

  3. While making coffee, you may need various accessories, such as sugar, tea, cups, coffee to go glasses and stirring sticks, which we can provide on request.

  4. Regular cleaning must be done by our partners, and we also perform a full maintenance on the coffee machines every six months.

  5. We provide flexible contract options for our partners. Depending on their needs, they can choose a fixed-term contract of half a year or a year, and they can modify the order to adapt to changes in the number of employees.

The benefits of Herz Office Coffee Service include simplifying office coffee breaks, improving workplace productivity and increasing employee satisfaction.

We provide a premium service so that workplaces can enjoy the benefits of fresh and quality coffee without having to leave the office.

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