Shipping information


Herz New York Coffee Roasters undertake only to deliver the ordered coffee capsule and accessories to Hungary. HERZ will try to deliver its orders by noon, or 12 noon, or 12 hours, within 24 hours of receipt of the order or on the next business day. HERZ is not liable for delivery within the above deadline.

The cost of the freight transport shall be borne by the customer, which is HUF 1590 in case of home delivery, while for delivery: 690 HUF

The cost of freight transport includes 27 % valid sales tax, which is invoiced with the purchase price.

If you order 200 Coffee Capsules, the shipping cost will be paid by HERZ instead of the customer. Our offer is valid exclusively for transport to Hungary.

The customer of the goods is required to take over the goods, even through his agent. When ordering the goods, due to the exact delivery, we recommend that the workplace address be given. In the event of a deviation, deficiency and injury to the goods, the Customer or his agent and the supplier shall notify the minutes and then notify the HERZ immediately. HERZ will inform the Customer of its outcome within 2 business days after checking the provisions of the minutes.

In the event of a missed delivery of goods ordered and debit cards, HERZ will deliver the goods ordered at its own expense. In the event that HERZ cannot ship the same goods as the order, it will transfer its consideration to the customer's bank account within 5 business days.

HERZ manufactures and keeps the right amount of goods in stock to deliver the ordered goods to the deadline. It may happen that some coffee capsules, accessories, HERZ will not temporarily be able to fulfill the order, in which case it will deliver the goods to the customer as a part of the cost without the cost of the cost.

In the above case, HERZ is entitled to satisfy the orders with partial transport or to complete the order at a later date, which will be notified to the customer.

If Herz is unable to complete the delivery of the goods within 5 days of the payment, he or she will transfer the consideration for the goods ordered to the customer's bank account within 3 days.


The Customer may withdraw from his purchase within 8 working days of receipt of the goods, without justification, return the ordered goods, 17/1999. (II.5.). In this case, the value of the ordered goods and the shipping cost will be returned to the customer within 30 days. The cost of returning the ordered goods is borne by the customer.

The customer may also contact the National Consumer Protection Authority:

National Authority for Consumer Protection

Address: 1088 Budapest, József krt. 6.

Mailing address: 1428 Budapest, PF: 20.

Phone: +36 1 459 4800

FAFAX: +36 1 210 4677